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Every now and then a 'vital' new kitchen appliance comes along which changes
the face of cooking. Trend-setters buy it, their friends see it and immediately want one, kitchen designers and chefs recommend it, newspapers and magazines review it and eventually it becomes a 'must have' in every kitchen….

The Quooker boiling water tap is one of those rare 'must haves'. This simple, ultra-safe idea immediately renders kettles out of date and takes kitchens a giant leap forward. Although it's new to the Ireland,over 100,000 kitchens in Europe already depend on their Quooker's for instant boiling water.

And the applications are endless. Quooker users still come up with new ones. The most obvious one is making a cup of tea and the latest addition to the list is poaching fish. Of course you can also fill up a pasta pan, blanch vegetables, heat up plates and serving platters, make coffee, prepare baby formula, peel tomatoes, remove candle wax and much more. All done in a moment and with boiling water of 100ºC! After all, only truly boiling water is good enough for the perfect cup of tea.


Our tap collection includes four models: Basic, Classic, Design and Modern; and six finishes: chrome, satin chrome, stainless steel effect, brushed chrome, gold-plated brass and bronze. This allows you to find a matching Quooker tap for every kitchen and mixing tap.
All Quooker taps have a childproof push-and-turn handle. They are also height-adjustable and insulated. The adjustable height comes in handy, for instance, when you want to fill a tall pan or thermos. In this case you adjust the tap to the highest position. The lowest position, on the other hand, is (for example) useful when you want to fill up a small pan with water in your sink. Thanks to the insulated spout, you can do one shortly after the other: just take hold of the spout and slide it up and down.


The Quooker is multi-functional and has an endless number of uses. The most obvious one is making a cup of tea, but take a look at some of you options listed below

(1) Tea for one, two or twenty (11) Boiling water for green vegetables
(2) A fresh pot of coffee on tap (12) Sterilizing pots for jam-making
(3) Instant soups & sauces (13) Removing wax from candlesticks
(4) Baby formula milk made in a moment (14) Washing-up greasy pots and pans
(5) Sterilizing baby bottles and dummies (15) Rinsing blenders and liquidizers
(6) Blanching fruits and vegetables (16) Cleaning animal feeding dishes
(7) Peeling tomatoes (17) Topping up casserole and soups
(8) Boiling eggs (18) Filling hot water bottles
(9) Filling pasta, noodle and rice pans (19) Melting stock cubes or gravy granules
(10) Heating up plates and serving dishes (20) Keeping wooden chopping boards sterile


Safety In Your Kitchen:
Hot liquids cause 70% of all burns or scald accidents to children, 28,000 children under five
were injured in England alone in 2002.Over half the children who go to casualtywith burns
or scalds are referred on for further hospital orspecialist care and recovery may be long and painful,
with many having to live with permanent scarring.
The Quooker boiling water tap eliminates the kettle in your kitchen which in turn eliminates the
danger of young children pulling a boiling kettle of water down on them.

Energy Efficient:
With an electric kettle you often boil up much more water that necessary, often the kettle boils and is forgotten and then has to be boiled again, wasting yet more time and energy.
With the Quooker on the other hand, you heat up exactly the ammount of water you need and due to the patented high vacuum insulation the energy consumption is only 6 cents per day.

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